Future: Modular Sessions III


A journey to a far away planet. You find a mirror copy of planet earth in the past.

Modular Sessions III Third installment of the modular sessions series.

Yethiel's Volca Modular Modular Sessions II has been a big success on YouTube:

@neonmelk If i didn't own a Volca Modular already, i would get one one after listening to this album.

@davidjazay9248 Best Volca Modular recording on YouTube. Still - in 2023.

@venacova8032 I keep coming back to this album, over and over again. Absolutely gorgeous.

After a long journey of carefully selecting bits and pieces to craft a new modular synthesizer sound, Yethiel departed from Korg's Volca Modular. The result is presented in this 14-track album. credits released May 15, 2024

Marvin Thiel: Synthesizer

Electronics Equipment: Pittsburgh Modular Taiga, Cre8audio West Pest, Herzlich Omen low pass gate, OP-1 spring reverb, Critter & Guitari Organelle, Yamaha MT1X, JVC TD-V66

No merch for this release (yet).