blue build

This is blue build's debut album. The mood is set by a saxophone solo, slow, sometimes fast, melodious, percussive. The beat kicks in all of a sudden. The rough nature of the album is revealed by precisely distorted drum sounds. Complementing the saxophone, a bass voice appears and sets the listener into a flow which carries them through the entire album. The listener is granted a scenic pause to gaze into the distance which holds the tracks to come. The presented vista foreshadows tracks that go deep, invite to dance or eagerly, tensely follow the rhythms and melodies blue build puts down. The two vocal tracks Shine on me and No Pain provide goosebump-iducing stepping stones in the album. The album is concluded by the ambient track Morning Sparks, spraying feelings of hopefulness and nostalgia.

Track Title
1 Shinx
2 Shine on me
3 @Y8
4 Apa
5 D-Kusha
6 No Pain
7 Omef
10 Morning Sparks

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