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Die Tracks auf "No more doubts Pt. 1“ sind auf unterschiedliche Weise über die letzten 7 Jahre entstanden. Einige am Laptop im Zug aus Sprachmemo-Samples in denen Fenge Klavier spielt. Andere in spontanen Sessions, auch mit akustischen Instrumenten.

Fenge zeigt mit diesem Doppelalbum Tracks, die er bisher noch nicht als "fertig" oder "gut genug" empfand. Trotzdem sind es die, die ihn immer wieder bewegten, wenn er sie sich anhörte…
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A journey to a far away planet. You find a mirror copy of planet earth in the past.

Modular Sessions III Third installment of the modular sessions series.

Yethiel's Volca Modular Modular Sessions II has been a big success on YouTube:

@neonmelk If i didn't own a Volca Modular already, i would get one one after listening to this album.

@davidjazay9248 Best Volca Modular recording on YouTube. Still - in 2023.

@venacova8032 I keep coming back to this album, over…
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Qvarcos has been releasing idm and ambient tracks for more than a decade now. We are proud to host their latest track called Anisum.

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This fusion brings together yethiel's melodic sequences and 8x10's dynamic 16 step drum patterns.

Yethiel brings back tonal patterns similar to the ones found in Volca Modular Sessions II on the first track of this release. The new and more complex synthesizer sound is also rooted in that record but enhanced by much more low and high end.

8x10 comes in with a shattering hi-hat pattern that spans the entire record. The pace is much higher than on the previous release "instances o…
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I often sat down in the evenings to record a bit during the past few months. The result is this album, a continuation of the first Volca Modular Sessions album. Some tracks were recorded in the garden, others at my desk at home. The only voice on this album is from the KORG Volca Modular Synthesizer. Most tracks on this album are improvised single-track recordings and some have added textures or bass. credits

Arrangement, performance, effects, mastering and album art by Marvin T…
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This album is meant to carry the feeling of deep friendship and the wonders that happen when you spend time with them. credits

Performance and mastering: Marvin Thiel Artwork: Lara Moenikes

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Hey Friends of the Flowers! :)

We are very happy to announce the first release of Anchorman - Lagune

It is inspired by Lagoons and their special place in nature. There is no standardized understanding of what a lagoon is because they are very different in their appearance all over the world. Thus they are mostly unique in their behaviour.

Sounds like a perfect match for Patching Flowers.

As our artist "place to live" felt inspired by the music of Anchorman there wi…
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Recorded on good condition repurposed ferric cassettes. The B side includes two ambient mixes of the tracks.

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interfaces of love is based on Yseto's instances of love. It completes the original three tracks by providing rhythm and space and faint melodies.

Yseto: Synthesizer 8x10: MFB 522, Korg Volca Nubass

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This is a piece which I have been carrying with me for some months. Suddenly I came up with this artwork which totally expresses its mood.

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Hey Folks! This is Piet! We are fans of proper Techno, so I really like to introduce you the music of Byron.

More than 10 Years of producing Techno, melted into one Album. The tracks are mostly made with an analog modular setup. Most of the tracks are made live and then edited later.

The complete recorded Sets, this Album is made of, are soon available in the Secret Garden, our subscription model. :)

Thank you for following our way and supporting the label! Piet

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"Jetzt weiß ich wie" is a drone piece by Peter Skovgaard Andersen and Niklas Dreyer. This release is best introduced by Peter himself:

"This track was created on a warm summer day back in June of 2018 in the rehearsal space of 'Ørken' a psychedelic rock band, that I had with couple of friends at the time. Prior to the recording of 'Jetzt weiß ich wie', our guitarist Niklas and myself had been on a small trip to the finish town of Oulu to attend the Uleåborg Festival of Psychedelia [...…
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Bist du bereit? 3 2 1 Raketenstart! Los gehts! Komm rein jetzt, komm rein jetzt hier! Der Sekko ist gekauft und wer legt noch einen drauf? Ari Raketo! Komm mit in die Weiten und Nebelschwaden des Alltags. Ausgestattet mit dem originalen Pietari-Antrieb fliegen wir richtig weit! Wir haben 149456.6 Sekt eingepackt. Aliens die komisch gucken, nur weil man mal was isst und Universen die nicht aufhören können da zu sein, so wie Brezeln. Ihr müsst euch keine Sorgen machen, wir sind bald wieder da u…
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<img alt="" src="/images/c/0/9/5/0/c0950287dde4ab079d0e56cdd8e6891b044c4c2b-a00114252900.jpg?alt" />

Peter, it's truly exciting to connect with you for this interview. 'Jetzt weiß ich wie' has been a hidden gem for many many years, and it's about to be shared with the world. Can you take us back to the moment when this track was created, and what inspired you to bring it to light after all these years?

Marv, thanks for reaching out - I'm really happy to be able to release this piece on your label. This track was created on a…
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Hey there! Dive into our latest album – it's a mix of vibes that'll take you on a musical rollercoaster. From breezy tracks like 'Far Wind' to the chill beats of 'Soft Foam,' it's a cozy ride. Feel the rebel spirit with 'Don't Tell the Cops,' or get lost in the dreamy 'Trembling in the Night.' We're just a bunch of folks making tunes, and we hope you dig the chill, wild, and everything in between. Hit play and let the music do the talking!

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