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"Jetzt weiß ich wie" is a drone piece by Peter Skovgaard Andersen and Niklas Dreyer. This release is best introduced by Peter himself:

"This track was created on a warm summer day back in June of 2018 in the rehearsal space of 'Ørken' a psychedelic rock band, that I had with couple of friends at the time. Prior to the recording of 'Jetzt weiß ich wie', our guitarist Niklas and myself had been on a small trip to the finish town of Oulu to attend the Uleåborg Festival of Psychedelia [...…
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Peter, it's truly exciting to connect with you for this interview. 'Jetzt weiß ich wie' has been a hidden gem for many many years, and it's about to be shared with the world. Can you take us back to the moment when this track was created, and what inspired you to bring it to light after all these years?

Marv, thanks for reaching out - I'm really happy to be able to release this piece on your label. This track was created on a…
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Hey there! Dive into our latest album – it's a mix of vibes that'll take you on a musical rollercoaster. From breezy tracks like 'Far Wind' to the chill beats of 'Soft Foam,' it's a cozy ride. Feel the rebel spirit with 'Don't Tell the Cops,' or get lost in the dreamy 'Trembling in the Night.' We're just a bunch of folks making tunes, and we hope you dig the chill, wild, and everything in between. Hit play and let the music do the talking!

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This is blue build's debut album. The mood is set by a saxophone solo, slow, sometimes fast, melodious, percussive. The beat kicks in all of a sudden. The rough nature of the album is revealed by precisely distorted drum sounds. Complementing the saxophone, a bass voice appears and sets the listener into a flow which carries them through the entire album. The listener is granted a scenic pause to gaze into the distance which holds the tracks to come. The presented vista foreshadows tracks tha…
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Reversed Agite with an Mfb 522 compressed by an Analog Heat.

Happy new Year! :)

I just found out about the Analog Heat' ability to work like an Compressor.

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Happy new year!

Patching Flowers started in 2020 and has grown to be the home of multiple artists and styles of music.
We have more art that we want to show you which also goes beyond the digital realm. For this we want to try a support membership through which we can provide more content than we would normally publish.
With the subscription you will get all past and future releases, exclusive releases, access to exclusive cassette releases, sample packs, artwork and more.<…
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Sometimes we drift into paths we couldn't be aware of. I remember that I wasn't. Now, from my retrospective, I can say I'm happy that my life has shifted so much. I searched for orientation and finally found it. Since then, I haven't left the track... hehe.

Every kind of Art is made by Piet :)

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This album is meant to carry the feeling of deep friendship and the wonders that happen when you spend time with them. credits

Performance and mastering: Marvin Thiel Artwork: Lara Moenikes

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Recording of a Jam with Yseto. You can hear his modular synth setup including a Pittsburgh Lifeforms SV-1 and my Volca Modular. credits

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Für Peter.

This is a collection of tracks recorded in the photo lab, a continuation of "Lullabies for Friends".

This album contains 2 hours of drone, tonal patterns and timbre experimentation with a single Volca Modular. Looping was achieved with a BOSS RC-1 looper. Warmth and distortion was provided by a Cloninger tube gain. The last track is an exception, it features the Ouroboros Electronics Alea.

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Late night sessions, field recordings, instrument samples. This album follows "Place to Live" from Yethiel's album "Timbres". Samples of instruments, synthesizers, household items and field recordings help each track become its own place.

May this music bring peace, acceptance and bliss.

I made a cassette version of the album on new old stock type II tapes. They come with a printed (outlines) and hand painted (colors) version of the cover art on silk paper. There are only four o…
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This is music which displays my love for my good friend Marvin. Since the first day we got to know each other, our friendship developed to a tight and deep connection. im so thankful to share my moments and music with him.

All my feelings i felt before his birthday are expressed in these 3 Tracks.

These are recorded live with a Elektron Digitone on a Sony TC 77 Tape Machine with a small amount of Reverb to give it some stereo space. The only edit is a light lowcut and some fades…
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An experimental session with an ARP Odyssey and a quadrophonic looper programmed in Pure Data.

Previously released with Patching Flowers on archive.org in quadrophonic audio. This is the stereo mix.

Quadrophonic audio (free download): archive.org/details/four-spaces-001

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Memories of eating friet with speciaal sauce in Schouwen-Duiveland, getting candy in Middelburg, and eating pannenkoeken at De Graanhalm.

Guitar (1, 3, 5, 7): Piet Audio, Artwork: Marvin Thiel

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Merci beaucoup pour le verre de vin.

Piet: Guitar, Artwork
Marvin: Synthesizer (Modular), Sampler (Organelle)

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