Cours dans le desert

Cavalier hypersonique

Hey there! Dive into our latest album – it's a mix of vibes that'll take you on a musical rollercoaster. From breezy tracks like 'Far Wind' to the chill beats of 'Soft Foam,' it's a cozy ride. Feel the rebel spirit with 'Don't Tell the Cops,' or get lost in the dreamy 'Trembling in the Night.' We're just a bunch of folks making tunes, and we hope you dig the chill, wild, and everything in between. Hit play and let the music do the talking!

Track Title
1 Errance
2 Du vent loin
3 La mousse était si douce
4 Hospitalité
5 Que pouvons-nous dire àutre?
6 Ne le dites pas aux flics
7 Vous ne manquez pas seul
8 Conduite rapide
9 Comme il tremblait dans la nuit

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