Jetzt weiß ich wie


"Jetzt weiß ich wie" is a drone piece by Peter Skovgaard Andersen and Niklas Dreyer. This release is best introduced by Peter himself:

"This track was created on a warm summer day back in June of 2018 in the rehearsal space of 'Ørken' a psychedelic rock band, that I had with couple of friends at the time. Prior to the recording of 'Jetzt weiß ich wie', our guitarist Niklas and myself had been on a small trip to the finish town of Oulu to attend the Uleåborg Festival of Psychedelia [...].

Back home and feeling inspired after the festival we headed to our rehearsal space to create, record and put together some drones. We had already had a number of 'noise sessions' after band rehearsals. After the other band members had left, we would often stay behind, creep around on the dirty rehearsal space floor and play around with a guitar and some effect pedals, creating an array of noise. I always enjoyed the energy between us in these moments. And so, with those experiences in the bag, we created 'Jetzt weiß ich wie' over the course of a warm afternoon using the sparse equipment we had at our disposal. [...]

In terms of the name Reich, it seemed suiting at the time. The noise or sound or drones [...] were quite dark and quite strong. I had also begun to cite simple German lyrics over the sounds (being very fond of the German language) and so Reich came to be the name for our after band rehearsal-sessions. It is a very powerful word and quite gloomy too, something which I think comes across in 'Jetzt weiß ich wie'. The track name itself refers to a feeling of reaching realization of something grand and hitherto unknown in a trance-like state. That unsettling feeling of coming to understand how something dark, abstract and complex works. I feel like it represents the music, but it was also immensely inspired by the song 'Now See How' by Telstar Sound Drone, a psychedelic rock/drone band, which was very influential to us at the time and still is to this day."

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