Hey Friends of the Flowers! :)

We are very happy to announce the first release of Anchorman - Lagune

It is inspired by Lagoons and their special place in nature. There is no standardized understanding of what a lagoon is because they are very different in their appearance all over the world. Thus they are mostly unique in their behaviour.

Sounds like a perfect match for Patching Flowers.

As our artist "place to live" felt inspired by the music of Anchorman there will be a "Secret garden" of 2 remixes for it.

In this week we will do also a follow up with a small amount of cassettes to support the record!

Mastering: @fenge Cover @Piets____

Have much fun with this little gem! - Piet

Track Title
1 Lagune
2 Wavewatchers
3 A day in the waves
4 Hit the rocks
5 Seagull grid
6 Another day in the waves