Place to Live

Place to Live

Late night sessions, field recordings, instrument samples. This album follows "Place to Live" from Yethiel's album "Timbres". Samples of instruments, synthesizers, household items and field recordings help each track become its own place.

May this music bring peace, acceptance and bliss.

I made a cassette version of the album on new old stock type II tapes. They come with a printed (outlines) and hand painted (colors) version of the cover art on silk paper. There are only four of them. The tapes sound really nice and the tape deck used to record them is also of Hi-Fi quality. This is the second Patching Flowers album released on tape.

Arranged by ambient mix mastermind peterskovgaardandersen who is also responsible for the reducing silver halides series.

Tracks containing samples from other artists are free to download.

Release Types: Digital Cassette

Synthesizers: ARP Odyssey, Volca Modular, OP-1 Household items: Potato masher, Copper V60 coffee dripper Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Upright Piano Recorded Locations: Leipzig, Hiddensee, Brandenburg Mixed using Bitwig 8 Track


Track Title
1 Twentytwo Merele
2 Stomper
3 ARP Two
4 Harp
5 Mono
6 Wwalk
7 Copper V60
8 Miles
9 Interl
10 Philh
11 Pluck
12 Seven (VB)
13 Past