Unfolding Virtuality


Hey Folks! This is Piet! We are fans of proper Techno, so I really like to introduce you the music of Byron.

More than 10 Years of producing Techno, melted into one Album. The tracks are mostly made with an analog modular setup. Most of the tracks are made live and then edited later.

The complete recorded Sets, this Album is made of, are soon available in the Secret Garden, our subscription model. :)

Thank you for following our way and supporting the label! Piet

If it sings it swings!

Music: Byron Producing and Cover Art: @Piets____ Mastering: Kevin Strüber (@Fenge)

Track Title
1 Alps
2 Aos
3 c300
4 c999
5 Kapture
6 Green
7 Inheritance
8 L1
9 L2A
10 L3A
11 Scimasq

No merch for this release (yet).