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Type II tape, edition of 1

This tape was recorded on our AKAI deck on new old stock BASF tape. It sounds really great if you're into clean sound. Case and cassette are still in great condition since we got the stock of BASF tapes new and unused.

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Get your shelter and leave the waves behind you.

Mixing and composition: Patrick Jaskiela Mastering: Marvin Thiel

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Every instrument can inspire you to take completely unique paths based on their interface, rhythm and timbre. Over time you get to know the ways of an instrument, what it can do and where it can lead you. Experimentation becomes a major way of playing the instrument and sessions become progressively more structured and musical. Timbres is a result of experimentation with synthesizers, effects and field recordings. None of these tracks could be played like this again. The notes, rhythms, echoe…
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Late night sessions, field recordings, instrument samples. This album follows "Place to Live" from Yethiel's album "Timbres". Samples of instruments, synthesizers, household items and field recordings help each track become its own place.

May this music bring peace, acceptance and bliss.

I made a cassette version of the album on new old stock type II tapes. They come with a printed (outlines) and hand painted (colors) version of the cover art on silk paper. There are only four o…
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Für Peter.

This is a collection of tracks recorded in the photo lab, a continuation of "Lullabies for Friends".

This album contains 2 hours of drone, tonal patterns and timbre experimentation with a single Volca Modular. Looping was achieved with a BOSS RC-1 looper. Warmth and distortion was provided by a Cloninger tube gain. The last track is an exception, it features the Ouroboros Electronics Alea.

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Recording of a Jam with Yseto. You can hear his modular synth setup including a Pittsburgh Lifeforms SV-1 and my Volca Modular. credits

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Merci beaucoup pour le verre de vin.

Piet: Guitar, Artwork
Marvin: Synthesizer (Modular), Sampler (Organelle)

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This is music which displays my love for my good friend Marvin. Since the first day we got to know each other, our friendship developed to a tight and deep connection. im so thankful to share my moments and music with him.

All my feelings i felt before his birthday are expressed in these 3 Tracks.

These are recorded live with a Elektron Digitone on a Sony TC 77 Tape Machine with a small amount of Reverb to give it some stereo space. The only edit is a light lowcut and some fades…
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An experimental session with an ARP Odyssey and a quadrophonic looper programmed in Pure Data.

Previously released with Patching Flowers on archive.org in quadrophonic audio. This is the stereo mix.

Quadrophonic audio (free download): archive.org/details/four-spaces-001

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Memories of eating friet with speciaal sauce in Schouwen-Duiveland, getting candy in Middelburg, and eating pannenkoeken at De Graanhalm.

Guitar (1, 3, 5, 7): Piet Audio, Artwork: Marvin Thiel

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